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Kate in a small white hat for Spring

Queen Elizabeth II Hosts A Garden Party At Buckingham Palace
Nice hat! City Girl is a big fan of small hats. They are easier for storage and travel plus they are much more hat than a fascinator and still frame the face for photographs. If you are wearing a hat, someone is sure to take your picture. Read the full article here:
English milliner Jane Corbett makes lovely hats and you can see more of them here—->
and she has a wordpress blog here—->


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Famous Hats of Minneapolis

The most famous beret…in the 1970’s, Mary Tyler Moore turned the world on with her smile.  Mary happily tossed her signature beret in the air during the opening sequence. The Mary Tyler Moore Show was set in snowy Minneapolis, Minnesota.  This statue of Mary, located in downtown Minneapolis,  celebrates the show with a high flying beret.

Minnesota was also the home of Charles Schulz, creator of the Peanuts comic strip.  The five foot statue of Lucy in her matching dress and dotted baseball cap is also located in downtown Minneapolis near the football stadium.

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A man and his green fedora

A well-known Chicago dancing couple were recently spotted in a mini-top hat in leopard print for her and an Irish green fedora for him.  The sweeties are always decked out from in head to toe at every event.  A joy to behold.  Happy St. Pat’s!

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Is it Fate or the Fedora?

Opening this weekend, the movie “The Adjustment Bureau,” starring Matt Damon and John Slattery also stars a great selection of men’s headwear.  Costume Designer Kasia Walicka-Maimone brings the story to life.  There is a lot of running and wearing of hats that have mysterious powers so it might be called the Battle of the Fedoras. 

A wonderful men’s hat shop in Chicago is Optimo Fine Hats whose slogan is “Life is better in a great hat.”  City Girl Hats totally agrees!  In New York, since 1922, it is Worth & Worth which created the yellow hat for the Dick Tracy movie. If you are interested in exploring the fedora lifesyle check out the online site The Fedora Lounge.  Next, have you been to Fedora Fest in Texas?  Stay tuned for the next post

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SJP sports a fedora in Vogue magazine glam shot May 2010 issue

Above- Hitting newstands on Tuesday 4/13/2010 is the May issue of Vogue with Sarah Jessica Parker on the cover.  Check out the inside photo of SJP in a fedora style show stopping topper.  Of couse, go to and see the video.

If you want to see more of her in hats, check out this stunner from London milliner Philip Treacy

SJP is also in the Headwear Association Hall of Fame

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