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Audrey in Hats – new book out in July

Audrey in Hats is a new book by Jane Marsh and is available on Amazon. Book Description “Audrey Hepburn’s legendary style and grace redefined perceived notions of Hollywood glamour and ushered in an age of sophistication and elegance. Her legacy on screen and in fashion is undisputed and her image has become as synonymous with her fame as her films. This book celebrates Audrey Hepburn wearing a selection of her most beautiful, stylish and outrageous hats – from legendary designs such as Givenchy, Mr. John, Dior, Cecil Beaton and Balenciaga. This exquisite volume features stunning photography and accompanying text from renowned fashion writer, June Marsh.”


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Fifty Hats That Changed the World – Book Review

Fifty HatsFrom Book Description Published April 2011 “Fifty Hats That Changed the World lists the top 50 hats and headwear that have made a substantial impact in the world of fashion and design today. From Monomakh’s Cap, an early fifteenth century Russian crown to Franc Fernandez’s modern-day 2010 Helmet Headpiece, the book explores the designs that have turned heads over the years and the impact they’ve had on the fashion and design world. About the Author: The Design Museum’s mission is to celebrate, entertain, and inform. It is the world’s leading museum devoted to contemporary design in every form from furniture to graphics, and architecture to industrial design. It is working to place design at the centre of contemporary culture. It demonstrates both the richness of the creativity to be found in all forms of design, and its importance. Design is a hugely fertile field of inventive new work, as well as a key component underpinning the modern economy. It provides a means for understanding the contemporary world, and, potentially, for making it a better place.” The small hardback book also includes pages on the cloche, pillbox hat, Victorian bonnet, Philip Treacy and Stephan Jones. A great addition to any collection on fashion.

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Hats: Status, Style, and Glamour by Colin McDowell

Hats: Status, Style, and Glamour

Product Description:  This survey on hats explores and illustrates every aspect of the subject. It catalogues the myriad styles from royal crowns to Rasta caps, and includes chapters on the etiquette of hats and the development of protective headgear. It recounts the achievements both of the great milliners of old, such as Caroline Reboux, Paulette, Lilly Dache, Schiaparelli, and Borsalino – and today’s designers, including Philip Treacy, Philippe Model and Olivier Chanan. The text argues that, whilst they can be both glamorous and stylish, hats are also rich with significance for the societies which create them.

Available or Amazon and other book sellers.  Large format, hard cover, ISBN 978-0764300301



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Vintage Hat of the Day – Lilly Daché

Lilly Daché, milliner de luxe, was born in France and presided over a New York-based fashion house which eventually included gloves, stockings, clothing, ties and perfumes. Lilly Daché was a power in the hat world from the early 1930s – with additional shops in Chicago and Miami Beach – to the closing of the business in 1968.  Her 1946 autobiography, Talking Through My Hats, and her 1956 The Glamour Book can be found on eBay and Amazon from time to time. She created hats for movie costumes and had a Hollywood following.  She was honored with the Coty American Fashion Award  in 1943 and a plaque on the New York Garment District’s Fashion Walk of Fame in 2002.  A second line of hats was created under the Dachettes label.  Most labels have the address at her East 56th Street building but the one in my red hat pictured here is at 485 Madison Avenue, an earlier location.  Lilly Daché and Dachettes hats and hat boxes are highly sought after by collectors.  This hat is made up of red petals with the texture of a pine cone.

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Hats by Eugenia Kim now at Target

Target announces a hat collection from milliner Eugenia Kim will be in stores starting 4/18/2010 and run through July.  This is the first millinery collaboration for Target. and features hats in straw and fabrics.  To learn more about her see  Read the full story at:

Ms. Kim’s book, Saturday Night Hat: Quick, Easy Hatmaking for the Downtown Girl, is available at local book stores and online.  “Product Description:  The new must-have accessory!  The right hat has the power to instantly transform a woman’s face, changing her entire look—and outlook. Celebrity millinery designer Eugenia Kim has created a sensation with her hat designs, which can be seen on everyone from Gwyneth Paltrow, Madonna, and Jennifer Lopez to the most style-conscious fashionistas in the world’s most glamorous cities. In Saturday Night Hat, Kim teaches you to make thirty of her hottest designs, with patterns and instructions so easy you can start the project Saturday morning and wear it out on Saturday night!”

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An Interview With Vintage Hat Collector and Author Sue Langley

An Interview With Vintage Hat Collector and Author Sue Langley  Click this link to read the interview  March16,2010 in Collectors Weekly.  Posted using ShareThis   I own this lovely hard cover book which is now in a second edition.  It is a useful resource for hat collectors or those studying costume and millinery arts and design.  Included are many photographs, fashion plates, advertisments and post cards of various periods, with information on care of vintage hats.  So check your local bookstore or order it online.

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Headfirst by milliner Sylvia Fletcher arrives in bookstores 5/16/2010

“Product Description:  Sylvia Fletcher is one of London’s leading milliners. Her collections can be found exclusively at Royal Warrant Holders James Lock & Co, St James Street, London. Her distinctive and stylish hats are worn by many celebrities and members of the Royal Family. Throughout her career her creations have complemented the collections of Paul Costelloe, Stella McCartney, Bruce Oldfield, Prada, Anna Valentine, and many more and have appeared regularly in the fashion press, including Cosmopolitan, Tatler and Vogue.” ISBN-13: 978-1904562115

From City Girl Hats – I can hardly wait to get this book!  Stay tuned as I will have a book review soon of this one and I am planning a list of reference books about millinery.  I have nearly every one ever printed.

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